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Full chemical name: 5-iodo-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-2-amine;

Other names: 5-Iodo-2-aminoindane

Purity and form: is a fine white powder. Very pure crystalline product from China, 99.5% purity;

Effect: euphoric, 4-5 hours;;

CAS number: 132367-76-1;

Formula: C9H10IN;

Molar mass: 259.087 g/mol;


Packing: This product comes in a polyethylene bag is completely sealed with glued tag "powder for polishing, also attached to him certificate.

It is interesting to know:

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      When it comes to 5-IAI effects, the drug can lift up the mood, help you to understand emotions of other persons, increase the sense of empathy, enhance visual perception (the colors will be bright and juicy). What’s more, the drug gives you an amazing opportunity to easily understand another person. The duration of this high quality product is a few hours. Buy 5-IAI now and enjoy amazing results. This white crystal powder gains popularity among other similar drugs. 5-IAI will stir your mood and keep you all night partying.

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