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Other names:
5-Iodo-2-aminoindane, 5-iodo-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-2-amine;
Purity and form:
is a fine white powder. Very pure crystalline product from China, 99.5% purity;
euphoric, 4-5 hours;
CAS number:
Molar mass:
259.087 g/mol;


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Research chemical serotonin releasing agent and putative entactogen is waiting to be booked right here from China. Try all the effects of white crystalline powder (that may turn light brown) of the 99.5% maximum purity in the USA or Europe! 4-5 hours of euphoria & behavioral reinforcement are guaranteed.

Buy research chemical 5-IAI, which presents uncontrolled legal highs in China and USA! Topurchase 5-IAI means to get a RC chemical stimulant, influencing your specific receptors and helping to release not only serotonin, but dopamine and norepinephrine as well.

This research chemical from China is well-known as a reputative entactogen that was developed and synthesized by David E. Nichols team of chemists at Purdue University in the 1990s. Buy 5-IAIto feel the immixture of RC genius!

Unlike MDAI and MMAI, related aminoindane derivatives, 5-IAI won’t cause too much serotonergic neurotoxicity if you buy 5-IAI, no matter whether in the USA or somewhere else.

Our researchers sell 5-IAI as amphetamine analogue with more rigid effects! We do care for your specific needs, indeed.

Popular comments about 5-IAI:

Sheila Harper
5-IAI I ordered here didn’t disappoint me. I was counting on getting a qualitative product and it satisfied me pretty much. The package and the delivery is pretty safe and convenient. The purity of the white crystalline powder is about 98 %. The agent is exactly what I hoped to get!
Court Hopkins
After taking 5-IAI I started to feel a tingling sensation all over my skin and maybe some numbness. I also found myself being very talkative, at least, more than usually and sober. Don’t know if I ever going to do 5-IAI again but I liked the quality of the stuff I got from here.
Elija Norman
I totally enjoyed my trip with 5-iai! The effects had shown up after maybe 10-15 min after I took the blotter. My mind started to feel very very good! Almost no MDMA-like physical effect, and there was not going to be any. This is a very cerebral drug apparently. Music sounded fantastic. I wanted to dance a little bit. I felt very happy.

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