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Other names:
"M1", 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone, bk-MDMA;
Purity and form:
crystalline form, the maximum purity 99.9%;
stimulant, euphoria;
CAS number:
Molar mass:
207,23 g/mol;


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It is interesting to know:

Synthetic, systematic & other common names of Methylone are ‘M1’ and bk-MDMA, but each of them represents the same class of research chemical stimulants that are structurally close to MDMA analogues.

You are welcome to buy Methylone in the form of white crystalline powder 99.9% maximum purity, so as to use it for your personal needs – through oral, rectal, or insufflated route!

At any rate, euphoria is guaranteed, if you buy Methylone maximum dosage of 100-250 mg orally. This research chemical from China is unscheduled in Australia & Canada, represents an illegal class B in the UK, and is scheduled I in the USA.

Buy Methylone, a brand name legal drug known as an injectable form of methylprednisolone! By the way, it’s been a corticosteroid hormone to treat arthritis & severe allergic reactions. Originally, it was first synthesized by pharmacists in 1996, due to its potential antidepressant properties.

Since then, its unique manifestations cause a huge stream of sales in China, USA and Europe. Buy research chemical Methylone, instead of many other formulations marketed as household, but not RCs. Methylone from China gets the same MDMA potency and produces the same magic.

Popular comments about Methylone:

Laura Pierson
Methylone is good but I would not even call it an alternative to MDMA. I will never party on the stuff. I do enjoy it with a close friend for an intimate evening though, but it's not like I really open up or feel closer necessarily.
Luke Caudy
Methylone promised to be an alternative agent to MDMA so I ordered plenty. I knew it was a risk so it could not be sold as I hoped but still I wasn’t disappointed. Despite the fact that it was described as something else by some of my clients later it was snapped out quickly.
Mandy Lienn
I can confidently state that I was able to safely consume Methylone by insufflations and oral parachute. I thoroughly enjoyed Methylone. It was the first drug to actually inspire creativity in me, and not only that but I was able to write, and write fast, and write pretty decently.

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