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Other names:
Purity and form:
white powder but it becomes light brown, the maximum purity 99.9%;
stimulation and euphoria;
CAS number:
Molar mass:
275.343 g/mol;


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Interested in MDPV, or Methylenedioxypyrovalerone – a legal psychoactive stimulant compound? Buy MDPV research chemical in China and rid the mind of the legal status doubt!

China laboratory offers white to light brown hydrophilic powder of the 99.9% maximum purity for your oral, rectal, insufflated, intravenous, or vaporized needs here, online.

Haven’t you already experienced any research chemical MDPV and its outstanding effects in theUSA or another country, that said, 3-4 hours of stimulation & euphoria, similar to those of amphetamine, cocaine & amethylphenidate? Then buy MDPV, selecting a desired dosage of this stimulant, which it is 4 times stronger and with some shorter duration period than that of famous methylphenidate stimulants!

Buy MDPV, a research chemical drug from China that has not been used for medical purposes for long, being regarded a legal psychostimulant only since 2007! Get to know, MDPV is used as a potent compound in various research chemical studies, especially in the USA and Europe. It was first developed by Boehringer Ingelheim team in the 1960s, remaining a stimulant (e.g. for chronic fatigue) until 2004. Since then, it was sold as a designer drug.

Now, you have a unique chance to buy MDPV in the USA and elsewhere legally! Growth dynamics of sales has forced us to open a particular baseline for the production of this drug.

Popular comments about MDPV:

Scott Carver
I sought to purchase either Prolintane HCl or MDPV to experience an uncommon stimulant with my friend. MethyleneDioxyPyroValerone won. And I was pleased with it. The fiending urge lasted until every single after effect wears off, a total of 8 hours, and it didn't start seriously diminishing until a solid 6 hours after my last dose.
Glen Morrison
The experience of MDPV I bought here was a first time trial, with the intent of determining the scope of possible uses. I wanted to examine it’s potential as a motivator, an aid to completing tasks, and as a potential stimulant for late night partying. Overall, I wasn’t highly impressed with this substance, or at least not at this dose. It would serve as a useful tool for getting things done and I found it to be an effective enhancer of my creative writing abilities.
Eric Fisher
I am firmly of the opinion that MDPV is an interesting RC. I got the powder of extremely high purity and the effects were just like they were promised in the description of a product. I think it will become quite popular very quickly so it should be noticed by resellers as soon as possible.

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